How will iGUIDE® help sell your home?

iGUIDE® is a virtual tour listing solution that helps sell your home faster, with less disruptions for you and your family. I work with registered iGUIDE® professional operators who will capture your home in 360° views. We’ll provide an immersive and engaging experience for potential buyers.

What is iGUIDE® ?

It’s a solution for potential buyers to access a 3D walkthrough of your home. iGUIDE® is not only a 3D tour system, it gives you access to accurate floor plans, room dimensions, photos, and more.

3D Tours

Visually explore whatever you want from the perspective of someone standing in the property. Check out the dishwasher, the fireplace, or look at the ceiling. Get a more immersive visual experience with 360° views than with still photos alone.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are a great way to represent a space in 2 dimensions and understand an entire property at a glance. They give context for each room relative to the whole and help with planning and decision-making.

Floor and Room Dimensions

iGUIDE 3D tour camera’s time-of-flight laser scanner gives confidence in measurements. Feel assured that you can deliver reliable measurements and floor plans with a typical dimensional uncertainty of 0.5% or smaller.

Square Footage

Square footage/floor areas attach value to a property and are used in real estate listings, comparable analysis, and Automated Valuation Models. In the space measurement marketplace you can sometimes see claims of 99% accuracy from other companies. This is more of an attempt to use marketing-speak and over-simplify the information. Every iGUIDE 3D tour provides detailed and defensible square footage analysis and typical iGUIDE square footage uncertainty easily meets the requirements of various property measurement standards (such as 2% for BOMA and Alberta RMS).

Advanced Measurements

Advanced Measurements will change the way you understand a space by giving you the freedom to measure either directly in the floor plan or in an image on the iGUIDE 3D tour. This is next level virtual immersion in a property.


Photos are the most popular way to look at a property. They are quick to load, easy to share, and have universal appeal.


Video Integration – Share your videos using the iGUIDE 3D tour. Video is just as prevalent as photos but adds a sense of movement that conveys what it would be like to move throughout the property.


Neighborhood information is useful for finding schools, restaurants, libraries, and transit. The surrounding area is really important and can be more important than the property itself.

Choose between Standard and Premium

iguide standard
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Standard provides the information you need to get a thorough understanding of the floor plan layout.

iguide premium
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Premium includes even more details such as appliances and fixtures along with Interactive VR functionality. This allows you to really get to know the space in a more intimate way. Direct Integration

Have your full 3D tour, floor plans, and pictures integrated right into Helping your home sell faster!

iGUIDE Has ALL The Tools That Home Buyers Want

What features do Buyers Value when seaching for a home?

iGUIDE lets buyers explore your home with fewer disruptions

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